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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls Night Out

...to eat meat, to eat flesh, its their destiny.

Ok, enough of the music backflash.  I planned on getting something else posted, but this weekend turned busy and brutal, and didn't get around to it.  Then, about three hours ago, a little before I started cooking dinner, I decided to grab a few miniatures and just do ANY painting on them.  What I grabbed were 3 Ghouls (well, 2 Ghouls and a Ghast) from Reaper that I bought years ago (like 7 maybe?).  These were sprayed with a grey paint, and have been shifted from one box to another since then. 

As part of a project I am working on, they recently were pulled from obscurity.  They were originally bought as monsters for D&D.  They now will serve as ghouls in a different setting.. the ghast filling in as a ghoul leader.

Like I said, three hours ago, interrupted while I started and finished cooking dinner.  Relied on very fast drybrushing for most of it, otherwise I never would have finished them tonight.  I did employ heavy washes of dark brown paint for the remnants of victims, followed by hilights of antique white for the bone and bright red for the bits of flesh left hanging on. Obligatory skin breechclout for one of the fellows, acquired green cloth breechclout for the leader.

I have not decided on the flocking (if any), I likely will wait until I have some other figures for this project finished before I choose the flocking... so they will appear more uniform.  Obviously not going to win and golden demons with these, but I was impressed I could work them up so quickly, and while occupied too!  BTW, luckily my wife saved dinner once when I almost let something cook over.  But otherwise, I completed dinner on time too.

These figures are very nice, the detail is solid.  For someone taking more time, these could turn out very well.  For me, the hardest thing to paint were the intestines.  I have seen gut piles before, there is something about that glistening grey-white tone that is very difficult to replicate with paint.  I ended up using a light bright blue mixed with a tiny bit of medium brown, and while not exactly right, its good enough for me.  In the images, the color is too close to the flesh of the Ghouls, but it looks distinct in the "flesh" so to speak.

And it looks like my new take on a light box is working better, but its still crude.

Thanks.... another project started!


  1. Looks good! I was cleaning today and found some more Goth stuff for you, vampires and the like.


  2. Thanks. I finished up another couple miniatures for this tonight.... but I'll wait until I have a bunch done before posting on them.

  3. Very nice. I look forward to the others