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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Riffi Gallery ... Paints and Photos

Sometime back (waaaaay back) in the mid 80's a friend bought me a copy of Frank Herbert's Dune.  I was hooked right away.  The term "science-fantasy" may have existed at the time, I don't know, but whatever genre included Dune and Star Wars was something I wanted to tap into.

Well, this inevitably (ahhh.... decades later) led me to commission a line of miniatures inspired by the imagery evoked by reading these types of books.  I named them Riffi, partially as a nod to the fiercely independent Rif who waged war to remain independent in north africa.  Now that we are finally settled in, I will be returning to work on supporting these Riffi, they need opponents (other than each other), and they need a completed rule system.

What I have here are a few images of some of my Riffi that I have painted.  I have photos up on the Disparate Games store site, but I have been trying to improve both the quality of the paint jobs and the quality of the photos. This batch I painted while between houses last summer (right before Historicon)... and they turned out pretty well.  My painting is better than my photography, but neither is equal to the pros out there.  Since I am trying to catch up on everything, thought I would share these too.

Here are several Riffi on an appropriately alien looking background...
And a few pairs together... notice the unique Riffi daggers, capable of being used in the punch, or as slashing weapons.  I bought my daughter 3 Megalodon teeth for her 4th birthday, to add to her fossil collection.  The size, shape, and menace of those teeth are all impressive.  What wonderful weapons they would make, if only a slightly different shape...
The oversized swords are captured trophies from the Wels, the primary offworld opponent of the Riffi.
And finally individual Riffi... here we see an indigenous pistol.
Ultimately, I need to create time for these fellows... after all, they won't take care of themselves!

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