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Friday, February 18, 2011

Giants ... Lost and Found

As I slowly unpack, I continue to uncover and reclaim forgotten treasures.  Undoubtedly many of you out there have gone through the exact same process. Though this post is not terribly exciting, I thought I would share one set of miniatures I found again.  The Giants.

I used to game Warhammer frequently with friends, at homes, at stores, in basements, sometimes all night long.  Ahhh.. the energy of youth.  For Warhammer and D&D I collected all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters.  What I have here are three Giants, all of which for the time they were issued were quite large miniatures.  Many of the Giants in the early days were pretty small (note the paradox).... and of course these days you can find Giant miniatures that are enormous (note the redundancy).

These had been packed away, actually in storage at my previous home for a few years even before I moved, not exactly lost but certainly out of sight and mind.  I really have no use for them anymore, probably I will take them to Cold Wars and try to sell them, but before I do that, I wanted to look them over.

Here are the three Giants, flanked by two old GW Wood Elves (from the Scarloc's set) to give a sense of scale.

The miniature I had the longest was this Frost Giant, pretty sure this is a Ral Partha from the mid 80's I think.  At the time I was learning to paint, so accents and hilights are definitely missing here.    But its a decent model, has some action and menace in its pose, and is suitably large.

The next one is from Grenadier I think, a bit later.  Its sculpted well, but the pose is somewhat passive.  I think it is a Storm Giant, so possibly the pose is intentional, showing the Giant's magnanimous poise.  Its the heaviest of the three Giants.  I can see how I was experimenting with accents, some hilight, some drybrushing...

The last is a Giantess from Grenadier, part of the Fantasy Warrior line.  I don't remember, but I think it was part of the Amazon range for Fantasy Warrior.  Some of those were very nice, I liked the Amazons and Barbarians and Wood Elves... probably should have fielded an Amazon army.

Anyway, this is my favorite of the three Giants.  She is not sculpted "cheesecake sexy" which I think is a good thing.  There are some distortions to her proportions in some places (arms for example), but I like her pose, greatsword prepared for action.  The screaming face of rage is a nice touch, she looks like she is both ready and willing to fight any and all...  I still wasn't with the latest on painting skills, but its nice to see I was starting to dabble with the "gems and jewels" accents.

Now, digging out a couple of those Wood Elves has me rounding up the rest of that army (which is currently based for Fantasy Rules! from Chipco).  My good friend Doctor Merkury wants to help me out with my photography, some tips and maybe an actual light box.  Perhaps after that I can share some photos of the rest of the Wood Elves.

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  1. I still have the Stone Giant and the 2 headed one from the Ral Partha sets. I used them in the last Hollow Earth game, fun stuff!