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Saturday, March 5, 2011

King of the Pumpkin Patch

... the Red Executioner, and a Coven Full of Witches. 

You painted an oven full of witches? 

A coven of witches, not an oven!

Part of the madness of my Horror project is that it has three distinct "scenes"...  I want to game 18th century Colonial America, established with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Salem Witch trials, and other period bumps in the night.  I also want to game late 19th century Gothic European style Horror, this being Dracula, Werewolves, and mad abominations.  Finally, I want to game the 1920's-1940's HP Lovecraft style Horror, the Things That Should Not Be.

All of the miniatures I select will fit into one of these three scenes.  For the Colonial America Horror, I have plenty of 28mm FIW and AWI miniatures to start me out.  Otherwise, there is plenty of work to do.  Last week, I painted three Ghouls, which conveniently can fit into all three of the scenes.  I ordered a few West Wind Gothic Horror packs, and a Blue Moon werewolf set.  Previously, I scoured my collection for miniatures that would fit into at least one of the three horror scenes, and have managed to paint up  a few more, and relocate several previously painted miniatures. 

The following seven miniatures were all part of a large personal collection of a local gamer I purchased years ago.  I sold off various elements of the collection, but certain miniatures stuck out, and I put them aside in case I could find a proper use for them.  Had a little time today, so managed to paint all seven.

These first three are "Bill Wavesword", the King of the Pumpkin Patch, and the Red Executioner. These being, an old OOP Citadel ghost (Travelling Players era), a model that looks like a Jack O Lantern's revenge (someone chime in if you know where this came from), and a Reaper miniature of a headsmen.  Bill Wavesword I painted quickly in an unoriginal but still effective way, making him look ethereal and non-threatening.  He could potentially fit in all three scenes.  The King on the other hand, looks all about the menace, and is going to be strictly limited to Colonial America.  Its a nice figure, the colors don't show very well in the photo.  For the executioner, I decided on dark brown flesh, and red leather instead of the typical pasty white skin and black leather.  This way, he can be fielded as a cult bravo, an exotic executioner, or even possibly a good guy monster hunter.  I think he could fit into the 1920's Horror scene, or as a Pulp character.

And here we have the Coven Full of Witches, also scrounged from that collection.  I am fairly certain these are West Wind's Storybook Witches.  They will definitely only fit into the Colonial America Horror scene... but, I like these old gals a lot.  They have character by the cauldron full.  I like the small details, like the spell components and pet cat (painted cream, as a black cat would blend in too much).  I did paint the witches with a base of Payne's Grey (being a very dark bluish grey), which doesn't come through the photo very well.  They look good in person.  Solid black from a distance doesn't look like anything.  My kids will love these, by the way.

The following 5 miniatures are all ones I previously painted for Fantasy gaming.  I decided to try to fit them into the Horror project.  The first two are a "spook" from RAFM and a Wraith from Reaper, definitely see a difference in style.  They will work as ghosts or other spirits, potentially in all three scenes.

 The last batch are three Reaper miniatures, a Green or Swamp Hag, Jean Du'Champ (I think?) Werewolf, and a Battle Nun Superior.  These remind me that in the old days, when I had more time, I could paint fairly well.  The Green Hag works as a more feral witch, she has potential for all three scenes, but more likely for the Colonial America or Gothic European.  The werewolf works anywhere.  The thing is, this model is much much smaller and finer detailed than the Blue Moon ones I ordered, I am looking at this model as a potential good guy shape shifter... we'll see.  And the Battle Nun is just a cool miniature.  Her weapons and armor are all Fantasy, but she has potential too, as a good guy monster hunter or Pulp heroine.

 So, the madness grows... Cold Wars is next weekend, we'll be attending.  Afterwards, I 'd like to get back to the Iran Iraq War project, but will continue to work in painting Horror figures as a break.  It's been fun so far.

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