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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gothic Horror: The Woods of Little Germantown


I recently ran a Gothic Horror scenario, The Woods of Little Germantown.  At a time after the French and Indian War, but before the American War of Independence, something has been silently stalking the inhabitants of the frontier near Little Germantown.  Not just the European settlers, even the Iroquois have been affected.  Their leaders recognize that this evil was brought with the Europeans, but they are not directly responsible for it.... their families have fallen prey too.

The 4 players ran 3 small parties of Iroquois and 1 small party of French Courier du Bois.  I am inclined to include the natives as more active participants on the frontier, rather than just one more backdrop feature.

The players game cooperatively (they are not allowed to attack each other directly) to solve the mystery of this scenario.  They may help each other by teaming up on foes and creatures, but are not required too.  But each player is trying to win the game for themselves.

Mists cover the land... a river bisects the region.... rocky hillocks loom... and beyond, an ancient cemetery amidst crumbling walls.

Early in the game, an encounter proved to be a small party of charmed Colonial militia who promptly fired upon an Indian party.  The Indians did their best to avoid this party rather than try to eliminate it.

The parties began to solve various mysteries, earning points and gaining knowledge about the task at hand.  Players collected clues to weapons and methods to make solving future mysteries easier.

Shortly after discovering clues amidst harvested crops (somewhat odd to find in a deserted wilderness), they were suddenly attacked by a huge brown bear.  Two Courier du Bois were mauled to death before the beast was brought down.

Other parties crossed the river.  The hapless Courier du Bois improved their luck when they came across a small patrol of British regulars.  It was discovered (with some mutual effort) that they were all looking to put an end to the evil.  The regulars agreed to cooperate with the Frenchmen.

Elsewhere, a lonely grave at the top of one hillock was searched (for a nice group of VP), while the other was found to be the home of a tribe of ghouls!

Finally, enough mysteries had been solved that the mists receded from the land, revealing.... a disheveled hovel, home to an Ancient Witch and her Green Hag sister!

A pack of wolves was sent towards an Indian band, and they rended a pair before they were all slain.

The Ancient Witch attempted Arise! amidst the graveyard, but was only able to summon a single skeleton.

The Green Hag was forced to engage in melee combat, killing a few Indians before being finally killed herself.

With her sister dead, her magic found wanting, and many of her servants killed, the Ancient Witch mistakenly committed herself to melee combat also.  She took a toll on the Indians, but just could not compete with this band's leader.... by a clue found earlier, he had been able to search the witch hovel and discover a magic weapon particularly potent against witches.  The magicked weapon made short work of the crone, ending her reign of terror forever......?

Thanks, the game went quite well, and looking forward to more like it.

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  1. Very nice scenario, and scenery and miniatures as well, CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you very much for sharing!

    What rules did you use?

    Best Regards,
    Eduardo - Brasil