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Monday, March 23, 2015

From My Lead Pile to Yours....


SOLD  Large Lot 15mm Minifigs Napoleonic French:  a total of 262 painted figures, divided into 6 Line regiments of 28 figures each, 2 Line regiments in greatcoats of 24 figures each, and 2 Legere regiment of 18 figures each, plus an additional 10 Line figures you can work in where needed.  The miniatures have a clean, simple but detailed paint job, there are some bent bayonets and such, and plumes might need a spot of paint, simply based on balsa.  Most are based 4 to a base, there are a number of "half" bases of 2.....  these are the last of this lot I have for sale..... ($255.00 USD, shipping included)

SOLD  15mm Minifigs Napoleonic French:  seen in the first image together, three separate lots of 104 figures each, divided into 3 Line regiments of 28 figures each and 1 Legere regiment of 20 figures.  The miniatures have a clean, simple but detailed paint job, there are some bent bayonets and such, and plumes might need a spot of paint, simply based on balsa.  Most are based 4 to a base, there are a number of "half" bases of 2.......
Lot Red 1:

Lot White 2 (you might see some overlap of lot 3, this lot ends at the Legere regiment)

Lot Black 3

28mm WWII Japanese:  well painted Chi-Ha and Te Ke tanks from Company B, plus 6 man infantry team from Brigade Games... ($70.00 USD)

Iran Iraq War Lot:  Iraqi Republican Guard and Iranian Regulars lots, all for $220.00 USD total

20mm Iraqi Republican Guard for Iran Iraq War, Desert Storm, or Iraqi Freedom, Liberation Miniatures:  35 infantry in maroon beret, many painted with heavy moustaches, includes RPKs, RPG-7s, one SVD, and command figures.... also includes 2x diecast 1/72 T-72 tanks 

20mm Iranian regulars, Iran Iraq War, from Liberation Miniatures: 52 infantry including 3x MG3s, 2x M47 Dragons, and 3x RPG-7s... the riflemen all have heavy beards, the MG3 gunners are from the West German range (still M1 helmets, but no beards), the RPG-7 grenadiers are from the Iraqi range (still M1 helmets, but no beards).... also included are 2x 1/72 diecast M60 Patton tanks, 1x 1/72 US truck, and 2x M113 apc's (one M113 had its .50 break off, and is reglued).  The vehicles may look better repainted in desert tan, but can work as is also....

28mm Warhammer 40K Eldar Army:  really big lot of older models, including 2 painted Warwalkers, 3 painted Dreadnoughts (regluing of arms and weapons) and 2 unpainted/part painted Dreadnoughts... also a bunch of infantry.  Painted (adequate for gaming, not perfect) are 5x Striking Scorpions, Farseer and 2 Warlocks, 4 Exarchs (Howling Banshee, Dark Reaper, Swooping Hawk, Striking Scorpion), 4x 2 model Weapons Teams with a total of 7 weapon platforms [3 crew and one platform are Rogue Trader era], 50 Guardians though one is missing a weapon [includes 9 Rogue Trader era], 14 Harlequins [original Harlequins, I think they qualify as RT era].  Unpainted, there are a Farseer personality, Howling Banshee personality (Jann Zar?), and 23 mixed miniatures that include Guardians, Harlequins, some RT era..... so the total is 7 Dreads and Walkers, 4 weapon platform teams, and 100+ infantry..... ($200.00 USD)

Battletech:  lot of 28 plastic mechs, some painted, some primed, from three different generations of plastic miniatures.... ($40.00 USD)

Car Wars ... modified and repainted Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars:  customized for your driving pleasure with Stan Johannsen add ons, each vehicle has a thing or two added, all are based on rectangular bases with "pavement" texture.... ($30.00 USD)

Car Wars Accessories, Bikers, Foot Models:  complete pack of Stan Johansen Bike Gang, complete pack of Road Warriors on foot, and partial mixed bags of extra armor, weapons, turrets, etc.... ($25.00 USD)

28mm Old Time OOP Warhammer Scarloc's Wood Elf Archers in Winter colors:  20 miniatures, very well painted in a unique scheme, includes Scarloc, Standard, Musician, and 17 archers.... ($100.00 USD)

28mm Old Time Warhammer Wood Elf Spears... this is a well painted unit of 18 miniatures in autumn colors, that includes 13 wood elf spears, 1 Wardancer, 1 Sea Elf, 1 High Elf, and a standard and musician from Grenadier.... ($90.00 USD)

28mm Warhammer Lizardman Army: a large lot of older miniatures, perfect for an army on the cheap, or for roleplaying games like D&D... 50 painted skink archers, 2 painted salamanders with 4 crew each, 24 black primed Saurus warriors... 31 unpainted or primed skink archers, 1 partially painted Mage Priest with 4 temple guard bearers, 1 partially painted skink shaman, 8 unfinished skink cold one cavalry (can be completed from all those sprues).... ($115.00 USD)

25mm/28mm Battle Honors Vietnam Lot:

There are 42 US figures.... they include...
1x M40 sniper
1x M21 sniper
1 Corpsman
2x M60s
some officers and radio operators
M79s, M72s, and lots of M16s
(note, all the soft caps are USMC caps... technically all the figures in body armor are the Battle Honors USMC figures, the ones not in body armor are the US Army figures, I have used them either / or... but thought I would mention that)

There are 40 NVA figures plus 2 heavy weapons... they include...
3x RPG-7s
3x RPDs
a 3 man team with an 82mm mortar
a 3 man team with a DsHK HMG
several command figures (including banner, radio operators, officers)
lots of AK-47s

Also, there are 8 US casualty figures (bases painted red for casualty or morale), 8 VC casualty figures (note:  not NVA, these are VC, but I use them with the NVA), and 6 rice bag piles (usually used as victory locations, sometimes just as scenery)

The Corgi M48 is 1:50 scale and works well with these figures.

Total of 82 figures, 2 heavy weapons, 16 casualties, 6 rice markers, and 1 tank.... ($295.00 USD) 

There are some deliberate uniform variations, and of course there are some skin tone differences among the Americans, all based on Gale Force 9 magnetic bases (except the tank).  Enough stuff for a platoon of NVA, and a platoon of US Army, with some extras left over.  And it all looks good.


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