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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Age of Eagles: Prussian Artillery


Ous Ligny battle looms in the near future.  I finished up 4 horse batteries, with Minifigs crews, 2 heavy batteries with Essex crews, and 10 light foot batteries with Essex crews.  The Essex crewmen were painted by someone else (very nice) that I bought along with a major purchase.  I simply painted the guns and based them.  But they are done, they match a significant portion of my Prussians (the same Essex lot I bought), and should give the French some hell soon.

And here they are with the other batteries... 7 batteries of Battle Honors stuff, and 13 batteries of Minifigs stuff, all kinds of gun manufacturers though....

36 total batteries.... just about enough for Leipzig too.  I have a couple of other batteries, from a less well painted lot, that I can work in when needed... didn't include them in the group shots above.

I think I have the Prussian artillery covered.


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