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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Review: Reading List

OK, did some cleaning up on the book shelves this weekend.  I am not quite done with Cualaincourt just yet, but I did organize some of the books I hope to read in the next several months.  They include (but are not limited to) those shown here...

I have several Napoleonics books, one WWII book (73 North, naval convoy into the USSR), four books on the middle east, a trio of books on the Falklands, and, believe it or not, 2 (two!) books unrelated to military history.  One is from Berendt (non-fiction) and the other is from Simmons (fiction).

Despite further recommendations for new Falklands books, I believe that No Picnic, The Fight for the Malvinas, and Storming the Falklands will complete my reading on this conflict.  I will probably read them in that order, as I do know something about Tony Banks' story.... it seems like a reasonable way to end my reading.  I will however still have plenty of books to re-read as needed.

Crusade I have already started reading a bit on... there are some certainly unflattering comments about Norman Swartzkopf there in, but I have head that before.

Charlie Wilson's War and Ghost Wars are the two sides of a missed opportunity.  I hope to get something new from Ghost Wars... on a personal note, that is the FIRST book my wife has ever bought for me at a yard sale, so I better like it... or else!

Anyway, we'll see how quickly I get through these.  I do still read fiction casually, but I have noticed a lack of patience for it.... I have not reviewed three books (military fiction, and science fiction) I have recently read as none of them were noteworthy in any way.



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