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Saturday, November 23, 2013

AWI: Continentals and British 25mm 28mm


The following are Old Glory 25mm (which look and bulk as 28mm to me... they are definitely not true 25mm) miniatures for the American War of Independence, or Revolutionary War.  This is one of the better OG ranges in my opinion.  I consider these particular units to be colorful additions to an army of regulars.  All of these are painted well, and based nicely.

Here are 20 miniatures, including command, painted in grey with green facings, inspired by plates from Mollo for the 6th Virginia and 3rd New York (my camera is not so nice, and tends to mute the colors, unfortunately).
Here are 10 Marines in green, and 6 Colonial Light Infantry, in brown with mitre caps, painted along the lines of Congress' Own / 2nd Canadian, also from Mollo.
Here are the 3rd NY together with the Marines in "garrison"....

These units really add some color to a Continental army, some distinction amidst your sea of blue.

Here is a unit of 15 Scots Light Infantry with command, blue facing, wearing bonnets with plumes, suitable for the 42nd light.
To go with them, a unit of 16 Scottish Grenadiers with command, blue facing, in bearskin shakoes.  These are particularly nice miniatures in this OG range.

To finish the lot of "British", here is a unit of 10 Hessian Jagers, with winter trousers.


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