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Saturday, November 30, 2013

AWI Lots #2 and WWII 1/48 planes


The following are all Old Glory, from their American War of Independence range except for the mixed frontiersmen & indian lot, which is from the Old Glory French and Indian War range.  The AWI stuff is sized like 28mm, the FIW stuff is slightly smaller, closer to 25mm.

First are 10x mounted Continental Dragoons, brown w/ green facing
Next are 10x Continental infantry in mixed hunting shirts
Next are 10x Continental in regulation blue, with red facing
For the British, there are 10x mounted Dragoons, red with dark blue facing (note that a couple of them had their sabres break off in the pack... I used curved floral wire to replace the missing blades)

There are also 16x British light infantry in mitre, red with yellow facing
Here are 16x Loyalist, in the same British light infantry uniform with mitre

Finally, a mixed lot of 8 frontiersmen (or militia) and 17 Indians.  The Indians come from several different OG packs so there are miniatures firing muskets, carrying muskets, and with war clubs or hatchets.  They could be useful for FIW, AWI, or even early 1800's Western Expansion (ala the Mountain Men).

Almost forgot, I hae 3 diecast/plastic 1/48th WWII planes.... a Zero, a Corsair (I think?), and a P-40.  These are shown with 28mm Brigade Games USMC miniatures for scale only.




  1. Beautiful figures, great work!

    1. Thanks! I don't take very good pictures, these are actually nicer looking in person :)