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Friday, March 4, 2016

Battletech: Liao, House Imarra and Death Commandos

This is the 2nd installment of my Battletech mech cataloging.... featuring my Cappellan Confederation (or Liao) forces.  Always a bit of the bad guys (mostly because of the crazy Liaos themselves) I thought it would be interesting to build a force for them, since most people wouldn't.

First up is a Liao Warrior House.... I meant for these to be House Imarra, but my choice of green makes it possible to deploy them as House Lu Sann. I probably should have chosen a stronger green to make them "more" Imarra, but nobody seems to care too much anyway....
 These are not painted to any degree other than adequate, but they work.  There are 22 mechs painted in this scheme.The front 7 are metal, the back 15 come from three different plastic sources.... Plastech, the boxed edition with the plastic unseens, and the first Catalyst boxed set.
2x Urbanmechs (now, no one likes these... including me... but they are a Liao associated mech), 1x Stinger, 1x Jenner, 2x Vinicators (another Liao associated mech, but one I like a bit better than the Urbanmechs), Phoenix Hawk, Crusader, Catapult (again, a Liao associated mech), Locust (love these Plastech Locusts), Cicada, Whitworth, Hunchback, Warhammer, Rifleman, Centurion, Atlas, Griffin, Blackjack, Valkyrie, Grasshopper, and Dragon.

My other Liao force is a small group of Death Commandos.  This is basically black, with some green panels, though, I really should get some decals for these mechs.
There are a full company, 12 mechs, in this force, a mix of plastics and metal.
The forces include a Vindicator, Catapult, Locust, Atlas, Cataphract (another Liao associated mech), Trebuchet, Imp, Orion (thats a plastic, came from the later Citytech set I think), Blackjack, Emperor, Cyclops, and Dragon.

For both forces, I used the same style basing, and the same color visors / cockpit screens, to add some continuity.  Of course, I have found that most informal games, I just mix and match anyway.  It is nice to have a force I could put together to represent a specific faction, in this case Liao.

I also have a number of Vindicators and Catapults throughout my collection, in case I need to make a convincing larger force with different paint schemes.

A positive outcome of this cataloging process, is, it is reminding me to NOT BUY ANY MORE MECHS!  More to follow soon.




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  2. Every house had urbanmechs.
    Love them under dogs.....
    Just wish the miniatures of them where better.