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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Battletech: Desert Camo


This is the third installment of my ongoing cataloging of Battletech miniatures.  What I have here are three different versions of paint schemes for a desert environment.  These are all Inner Sphere.
The first batch, on the left, is for an alien desert, with a variety of colors, and strange flora.  I currently have 11 mechs painted this way (should paint at least one more for a full company!).  In metal, I have a Stinger, Vindicator, Firestarter, and Grasshopper.  In plastic I have a Warhammer, Rifleman, Shadow Hawk, Wolverine, Blackjack, Trebuchet, and Valkyrie.

The second batch, in the middle, are actually all painted by someone else.  I purchased them as a lot on ebay, and they are all old, heavy lead, painted a dull brown for conventional desert environments.  There are six mechs,  a Warhammer, Battlemaster, Atlas, Shadow Hawk, Cicada, and Charger. It might be hard to tell in the photos, just how different the lead miniatures like the Warhammer and Battlemaster are from their plastic brethren. 
The third batch is another paint scheme, intended to represent a desert environment on very flat terrain with a thin atmosphere, however, this is belied by the green basing I used :)  These were painted right after the first plastic boxed set came out, though I added some from the Citytech set too, and one is a later metal miniature.  There are 13 mechs, a Hollander (the only metal), Battlemaster, Javelin, Wasp, Orion, Marauder, Wolverine, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Archer, Rifleman, Victor, and Centurion.

Again, most of the time I just mix and match anyway, but its nice to have some variety in case you have to supply different forces of mechs.

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