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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Falklands: Argentine Anti-Tank Teams


I started collecting miniatures for the Falklands about 15 years ago.  At the time, I just bought whatever Combat Miniatures packs I came across.  I then moved onto ordering some miniatures from Platoon 20, having decided that 20mm was to be "my" scale for modern wargaming.  My most recent purchase for the Argentine forces were some anti-armor options from MJ Figures.

Included are 2x 3.5" Bazooka or 90mm recoiless rifle teams, and 2x 105mm recoiless rifles. 

[Insert explanation... these are M40 106mm guns, the Argentines used M68 105mm guns, but this is a good enough proxy in 20mm... also, the 3.5" and 90mm visually look similar to me]

Now... there are no crew for the 105mm guns.  What I chose to do was utilize 2 command figures from the Combat range (I have a few too many of these), and 4 near-useless figures from Platoon 20.  When I ordered from Platoon 20 I received a number of surrendered Argentine infantry... not something I found terribly usefull.  However, they appear to have their hands near the sides of their heads, so, its not a stretch to imagine them covering their ears instead of surrendering.

Or maybe I am just cheap.

There are a couple of options that might work from RH Models, unarmed crew, but for now this will be okay.

During the Falklands War, the Argentines did not use these weapons against the British armor (those 106mm guns would have knocked the crap out of Scorpions), but they seemed to have used them against British infantry.  Anyway, I like the completion of the forces in my collection.

These images especially remind me of how poorly my camera takes picture (a frequently heard lament!), these all look much better in person... but what are you going to do?  Also included are the Argentine riflemen from the bazooka pack, and a single Combat sniper... again, I have a few of these already, but decided to just paint him with the rest.
This weekend showed me, that while I may not have quite the painting skill that I once did.... I am still reasonably fast, having knocked out a slew of 1980's era 20mm modern figures.  I don't always get the chance to paint for more than an hour at a time, but I got a few hours in during the past few days.

Thanks for reading.