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Friday, November 27, 2015

Afghanistan: 1980's or 1990's Mujahideen / Northern Alliance


One of the conflicts I game is the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  I have had a "small platoon" sized force painted for years.  Last year I purchased additional miniatures and have just completed them.
These are all 20mm from RH Models, and are all good looking miniatures.  I have some of the early ones I painted based in groups, but I will probably start removing them and basing everything individually.

The back bone of this fighting force are 7x 9 man "squads", each equipped with an RPG and an lmg, either an RPK, RPD, or PK.  With that many troops to work with, it is very easy to form larger "squads" or more heavily armed ones.
There is a solid command team, easily reinforced if need be....
And plenty of support options.
There are 2x DsHK hmg teams, 2 SVD snipers, 2 2-man RPG teams, a Stinger SAM, a SA-7 SAM, and 3 extra PK lmgs.

Additionally there are a fair number of heavy weapons....
What you see there are 2x 82mm mortars, 1x B-11 (a 107mm recoiless rifle... the B stands for Big, ha ha), and 2x SPG-9 (73mm recoiless rifles).  A few crew wait nearby, ready to man whichever weapons are needed.

Now, I confess, the 82mm mortars and SPG-9s are also used by my Cold War era Soviets, so these weapons get double duty as needed.

These miniatures are meant to represent forces in the 1980's, fighting the Soviets, though they look pretty much the same as Norther Alliance fighting the Taliban in the 1990's... I suppose they could serve in some capacity as insurgents fighting coalition forces in more recent times.
It is a big mob of Mujahs, that is for sure.  They are interesting to paint... lots of muted colors, some odd to see like the muted brown-pink color.  Overall, I like the way they turned out.

Some of them have seen a bit of gaming, hope to have them all see some more soon.

Thanks for reading!


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