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Monday, December 29, 2014

Napoleonics: 15mm Prussians 1813-1815


For about a year, I have been collecting late period Napoleonic Prussians for use with Age of Eagles.  Because I use them for 1813 through 1815, I am not entirely choosey about the regiments they represent, though, I have painted them accurately (to the best of my knowledge).

As the 200th anniversary of the 1815 campaign looms, I have struggled to get everything in order.  I recently made a very splendid deal for a large lot of well painted miniatures. 

I currently have enough miniatures to field for Ligny, with a little help from another club member (who can field about a corps or so per Age of Eagles).

As I grow older, my painting ability has waned, but these are still serviceable enough....

The first contingent (also the smallest) are Battle Honors 15mm.

Here is the formidable Blucher, surrounded by a mix of Battle Honors and Essex staff....

Here are advancing columns of Battle Honors infantry (12 bases Landwehr, 24 bases of Line infantry)...
Here are 4 bases of Battle Honors Cuirassiers....
And here are 2 heavy and 5 light foot batteries (1 is a captured French gun)....

For the Battle Honors portion of my forces, I still have 14 bases of infantry, 4 bases of cuirassiers, and 8 bases of dragoons to paint.  There are also 4 corps commanders and 8 division commanders (all Battle Honors) mixed in with the Essex lot at this time.

My second contingent is all old school Minfigs and Napoleonettes.  These are noticeably smaller than some other miniatures, but I like painting them.... they seem to paint faster than most.

Rather than individually cataloging different sections, I just took some big pictures....
What you see there are 60 bases of mixed infantry (line, jager, landwehr), 39 bases of cavalry (12 uhlans, 16 landwehr, 11 hussars), and 13 batteries (4 heavy, 3 light foot, and 6 horse).  There are 2 division commanders not in these pictures.

For the Minifigs, I still have about 30 bases worth of unpainted infantry, and 14 bases of unpainted cavalry.

The third contingent are the well painted Essex miniatures I recently purchased.  I am still working on painting guns to match the already painted crewmen.

There are quite a few of them....
That is 97 bases of mixed infantry (line, jager, reserve, and landwehr).  There are also 8 bases of (Tabletop?) hussars, and 6 Essex division commanders.  You will note the Battle Honors corps and division commanders mixed with the Essex officers....
Now, a large number of foot crewmen (painted) were included, as well as a large number of guns (unpainted).  I have begun the task of finishing these, I look to have another 16 batteries or so finished quickly (since I have only the guns to paint, should not take me too long).  They look a little bit like this (a few bases are out of the picture)...
There are also (in the bags) enough painted infantry for another 9 full bases.  There are also about 50 unpainted infantry, and an unpainted division commander should I feel the need to complete them all.

Currently, this gives me a grand total of 1 army commander, 4 corps commanders, 15 division commanders,

193 bases of infantry, 43 bases of cavalry, and 20 batteries totally completed..... plus 9 bases of infantry almost done (just need based).... 16 batteries soon done.... and 1 division commander, 26 bases worth of cavalry, and 50+ bases of infantry waiting to be painted. 

I am pretty well set for any 1813-1815 battle, though, I could always use a few extra cavalry for flexibility (my unpainted cav are mostly dragoons and cuirassiers, so that will help once they are done).

I know that some will look at all the manufacturers represented, and be a little put off.  I get that.  These armies look better when homogenous.  On the other hand, I don't mind this kind of thing.  And, I also tend to organize the forces with like miniatures.... when the corps are distributed to players in a game, there can be some advantages to not have everything look the same.

In a similar vein,I have been a little flexible with facing colors and the like.  All of these are painted to match historical uniforms, however, I only have a couple of Westphalian Landwehr units.  There were certainly a lot of them at Ligny in 1815, but, not in 1813.... so, the armies are flexible (with most facings being red, yellow, and white, for the numerous provinces utilizing red [or later line regiment facings], Silesians, and Pommeranians.... very little green Westphalian, or light blue Elbe).

Anyway, I think my Prussians are more or less "done" at this point, and I have enough unpainted to work on if I ever think I need a few more of something or another (definitely have to paint some more of the heavy cavalry.... good on uhlans and landwehr cav... a couple more hussars would not hurt).

Thanks for looking.



  1. I mix and mingle different 28mm manufacturers all the time. Sometimes I have three or four different manufacturers on the same base let alone the same unit. I think your project looks fantastic.

  2. Wonderful project - how many troops (figures) does that work out to in total?

    Likewise, I enjoy mixing different manufacturers, and often do the same thing - diffentiate Corps or Divisions in part by their manufacturer.

    1. Painted so far? Over 750 infantry (some of the skirmisher bases have 3 models per base, regular infantry have 4), 85 cavalry, 20 guns with 46 crew, 22 mounted officers, and something like 15 foot staff. Not including the semi-done batteries, or unpainted stuff.

    2. Another answer, for Age of Eagles, this is something representing 69,000 infantry and 7700 cavalry, plus 160 guns and 2700 artillery crew. An army of over 79,000 men. Finishing more batteries and cavalry, with a little infantry, should push me towards 90,000 men eventually.

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  4. That is one excellent prussian army!!! Well done putting it together!!!