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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Napoleonics: 15mm Brunswick Cavalry 1815


The Napoleonic interested members of our gaming club have been planning to game the 1815 campaign in 2015 (probably like a very large number of others out there!), in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo.

I have not posted much about my own work, the forces I have built up, and have only posted AARs of some games. However, its nice to discuss what you do :)

I just finished up the Brunswick cavalry, using 15mm Old Glory miniatures, for use with Age of Eagles.  The pack works out to 3 stands of (2) lancers and 5 stands of (2) hussars.  I did not have a Duke of Brunswick figure (and didn't ask for help... I know now that there are a couple out there), so took a spare 15mm Battle Honors British staff officer in hussar uniform, painted him in Brunswick colors, and figured that would work.  Doesn't look like the Duke at all, but painted in the correct set of colors, he will do fine.

This is a good point to state, that I tend to be practical in my use of miniatures... I'd rather game with something close enough, than not game at all while waiting for the perfect miniature.  I am also limited by "speed painting" as I try to get things completed before we start gaming the 1815 campaign.  In short, you will find better examples of these miniatures elsewhere, I am only sharing the progress of my work out of enthusiasm.

Here are the Brunswicker cavalry, and their acting "Duke"...

A closer image of the lancers..

A closer image of the hussars...

A closer image of the "commander"....
The Brunswick Corps are an interesting subject.  The fact that they delivered themselves for service in the Anglo-Allied army, to face the French once again, was not surprising.  Ultimately, they managed to find themselves significantly engaged at both Quatre Bras and Waterloo, suffering something like 1200 casualties (including their Duke, killed at Quatre Bras) out of a little over 5000 men deployed (nearly 25% casualties for 2 days fighting). 

I think from a painter's view, they are an interesting subject to work on.  Lots of black, with paradoxically soft pastel facings  I find them to be visually appealing in an odd sort of way.  What was the line, something about them being a long, slow hearse?

Thanks for looking.



  1. Nicely dove. I have the OG Brunswick corp for 100 days campaign but haven't touched them yet. OG horses scare the bejesus out if me for painting!

    1. Ha. I have never had much trouble with them.... clean a little flash sometimes. Other than that, black paint base then dark brown or dark grey or more black paint.... brush "regions" with lighter brown, lighter grey, or very dark grey (for the black horses). A little white accents. I used to paint hooves, don't do that anymore.