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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shipwreck! Shapeways PLAN Part Two


A spell of bad weather here, and I found myself with a couple of hours to work on something.... I chose the Shapeways order of PLA(N) ships I based up not so long ago. 

That is, from Shapeways....

1x Type 051B Luhai (Shenzhen)
1x Type 051C Luzhou (Shenyang)
2x Type 052B Luyang (Guangzhou and Wuhan)
4x Type 054A Jiankai II

plus, I also had ordered 3x Song submarines from Navwar, so I painted them too!

I noticed in some photos that on the Songs you can see part of the red underbelly near the tail when they are surfaced.  It breaks the monotony of all black subs.  I will go back and check more classes of submarines, to see if any others display their underbelly colors at all.

Here are all of the new vessels escorting the Liaoning.  I have not painted on the PRC banners yet (though I have the id pieces affixed)... but that is not a big deal at the moment.

But where could they be headed?  Sadly, an all too familiar grouping of islands....

That wasn't too hard, choosing a dark blue felt sheet, and painting on the "majority" grouping of islands.  Its "about" 1" = 1 nm.  Since its on its own moveable piece of felt, I can arrange it on a table any way I like.

Admittedly.... feels odd to paint up the islands, now that I have done so.  We started gaming the current Pacific prior to things getting this tense, seemed an interesting theater for modern naval wargaming in the beginning.  Unfortunately, it seems to be getting more "interesting" as time goes on.  Here's to hoping that it stays a game.

Might see some of these in action on my table sometime soon.... hope these give the old hated USN a good surprise!

Thanks for viewing.



  1. They look great. I really like the carrier.

  2. Hi Chal. Totally unrelated to this post, but are you interested in selling any of your modern 1/3000 navies? Or at the very least, would you let me pick your brain a bit about how you painted and based them?

    Not sure if you even still have them, but notice you've not posted about them much and I'm really looking to dive into 1/3000 modern naval.

    Please contact me at brianjenglish AT gmail DOT com.

    Sorry to have to connect this way, but please drop a line when you can!