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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sci Fi ... 15mm!

Howdie.  Long time since my last post, been very busy.  I have been spending some time working on a science fiction project, and thought I could at least share the miniatures I am using.  It all started in a galaxy far far away....

Meet the beleaguered Free Miners of Ghenna IV....

15mm Rebel Minis

 Normally hard working, they like to spend their off hours in Das Wunder Bar, the colony watering hole.  They live in a small settlement, isolated on a habitable moon in an otherwise deserted system that just happens to lie in the Sea of Sorrow between the "Unity" expansions of the United Terrans and the less-than-friendly Ni'Hon Empire.  Times used to be good, but not so much anymore.  To augment their obsolete Marano Industires MI-12 assault rifles, they have converted sterilization units into man portable flamethrowers, and inter-ship signals into missile launchers and heavy lasers.

You see, they have had a few too many hostile house calls lately.  The UTMC or Ni'Hon Planetary Landing Forces might arrive any day, but in the meanwhile the Host of Prides have landed a "visiting" party or two already.  The cat-like warriors of the Prides, known as one of the Fighting Races, only take prisoners when they are hungry.

15mm Khurusan

Their martial technology, including battle armor and heavy beam rifles, is well advanced of the primitive weapons of the Free Miners.  Luckily the landings on Ghenna IV have been small raids rather than full scale invasion for the purpose of conquest.

Sometimes you don't have to look further than your own back yard for trouble.  And sometimes miners "delve too deep"... finding something they wish they hadn't.  No one knows where the chitinous horrors came from, only that they were completely.... alien!

15mm Khurusan

Exoskeleton armor, stronger than steel teeth and talons, they exist only to find hosts for their parasitic broods... though they have been known to munch on the odd miner now and again.

The life of a miner in the Sea of Sorrow may seem full of adventure, and the union benefits may sound like a treasure beyond your wildest dreams, but son, I'm telling you, you need to stay home on the farm!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Some good colour combos there, great looking armies.

  2. Looks like fun. We are starting to paintup some 15mm SciFi as well. Look forward to hearing more.

  3. You should name the Cat guys the Shir Khans ;)

  4. Hmm, nice xenos there. The toxic green actually looks suitable on their slimy, snappy pie holes.

    Also, asteroid miners' benefits package always specifies in the small print "applicable to survivors only".