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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Battletech: New Mountain Company and More


I have a continuing interest in Battletech, the game itself as a nostalgic journey into the past, but also in the mechs, and background history.  So, when I have the time, I paint a few mechs up.  I had previously posted about a company of mountain camo'ed mechs here where you can see 14 mechs painted in grey, tan, and sand.  you may have noticed that of the 14, 10 are Heavy or Assault.

So, I decided to add a company, but make the mix a bit lighter....

In the mountain camo (all lead miniatures) are a Commando, Thorn, Mongoose, Wasp, Raven, Cicada, Clint, Phoenix Hawk, Wolverine, Flashman, Crusader, and Scorpion.  This company has a wider range of light and medium mechs, with only 2 heavies, giving me more options with this force.
Let me ask a question.. how is the Clint supposed to be a 40 tonner?  Its a tiny model, though sizing was not really a strong feature of the mech line.

You may have noticed that there are 4 old friends in this company...
Now, I also painted some other stuff.

I have a Stalker in the mountain camo already, but like the design, so its good to have one in an independent paint scheme for whenever the need arises.  I have very, very few post 3050 mechs in my collection, I bought this Salamander years ago, and just decided to paint it up too, again, in an indpendent design.  Also included are two vehicles, the first I have painted for Battletech, SRM carriers in a neutral brown for multi use.

Well, there it is, nothing too exciting, hope to get another company in the mountain camo, and end up with a reinforced battalion before I am through.

NARC em, TAG em, an run like hell.

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  1. Nice paint job, and nostalgic mechs.

    1. Thanks, yes, still like the look of the older mechs... for the most part anyway :)