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Friday, March 24, 2017

A Farewell to a Comrade

This is not the kind of post I would have expected to be making so soon... inevitably, in the future, somewhere down the road... but not now.

We are saying farewell to one of our comrades, Al.  He was a gamer, so I will remember him on my gaming blog, in a way that only other gamers will understand.

He was partial to sci fi, and fantasy, and steam and rivets... but he was willing to game with us in everything (except Battletech.. boy, did he hate heat sinks!).  As one of our club members recently commented... "What a guy. He suffered through Napoleonics for us".

Here he is, consulting with me (or maybe trying to tune me out...) about the Anglo-Allied left flank at Waterloo in our 2015 anniversary campaign of the famous 1815 campaign. 

Its good to remember working with him.
Group photo, Battle of Lutzen.... 

He was one of the first playtesters for one of my games, giving me some advice that I did incorporate... a slightly more "off track" game than Napoleonics, for certain.

He had a huge vocabulary, that he was unafraid of using.  He laughed large... something many others seem to remember.  Affable and intelligent and funny..... if only we all were!

Only fellow wargamers are likely to see this post... which is good, because to "outsiders" this may seem trite and shallow, remembering a man only through this one tiny facet of his life.  But to those of you on the "inside", you likely understand.

There will be games in the future, when I will look to my left and be saddened for not finding him there. 

- Chalfant

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