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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Napoleonics: Figure Identification...?


I am trying to sort out miniatures from a big mixed lot, which I believe to be minor French allies, probably German.  Some of it, I just don't recognize....

First set are some artillery..... there are two batteries on the right, look like Bavarians in dark blue with light blue gun carriages.  However, there are two batteries on the left, looking something like Bavarians, but in very light blue with light blue gun carriages.... any ideas on what these might be?

OK, more artillery.... these batteries look to me something like Wurttemburg, but the uniform is dark blue and the gun carriage is green.... Germanic helmet... ?
Last one for now, some Germanic looking infantry.  I thought, maybe Wurttemburg, but the helmet is throwing me.  Dark blue uniform, the helmet has a horse mane and a central plume/pom.....?

Thanks for the help, I never claimed to be an expert on every uniform :)



  1. inf look like Wurttemberg lt inf C.1805, but the coat should be green.

    the lt blue crewed guns look like Wurt. also

    1. Howdie. Thanks, that is what I am now being told.... I was not thinking about early and late Wurttemberg troops, but I realize now that there is a batch of each mixed together in the lot. Thanks!