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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Persian Gulf Wars: Desert Storm USMC


I didn't intend to collect a force for Desert Storm.  It seems a natural enough extension, once I fielded Iraqis and Iranians.... but for my own reasons, I was not interested in gaming this particular conflict.  Its possible that I am still not interested.  We will see.

I used 1/72nd plastics that I obtained in a lot purchase.  At one time, more than 10 years ago, I had an extensive collection of 1/72 WWII plastics, for PTO and Eastern Front.  I eventually gamed with metal figures only.  However, I am not a "plastics hater" like some.  I find metal miniatures "easier" to paint, and that while the plastics can obtain very accurate proportions, and accurate detail, the oversized elements of metal figures make them easier to paint, detail... and notice.  Also, paint does not like to stay on soft plastics.  Paint will certainly come off of metal miniatures too, but not in the same way it tends to flake off of soft plastics.

Anyway, the boxed set included 50 figures.... 10 with M249, 3 with M60, 10 with M16/203, 3 RTO with M16A2, 4 with M16A2 and AT4, and 16 with M16A2.  Now, there are also 2 figures with M47 Dragon, but, because I cleverly put the small pieces in a safe place (and promptly forgot them) they are not yet painted.  The figures are sculpted with early Kevlar helmets and vests.  Since they are armed with M16A2s, and M249s, they are very well suited for late 1980's through early 1990's.

I would rather that the M60s were E3's, making them more appropriate for USMC.  But that is not a big deal to me.  The quantity of SAWs and 203s works well to field just enough figures for 3 full USMC squads (but not quite enough to fill out the M60 and M47 teams... or field a good looking command team).

Paint job on these is not fantastic, I played around with a couple versions of the white dots, and white over black dots, finally settling on white only dots, only on the brown patches.  It looks decent enough, I think.

These figures are well suited as painted for Desert Storm, and Restore Hope.  They would also work very well in hypothetical operations against Iran in this same time period.

The vehicles I purchased from a TMPer, and they are quite frankly outstanding.  They were better than I thought.  In total, there are 2 LAV-25, 2 LAV-AT, 2 AAV7P (LVTP-7), 3- M60 with ERA, and 2 Abrams (for flexibility or heavier tank support).  This is a good mixed bag for all kinds of things.

Now, will I game with them?  I plan to.  At least once anyway.  If I don't like it, I guess I can try to sell them.... or maybe just use them for fighting Iranians, or even Soviets in the desert (something like Harold Coyle's Swordpoint).  For now, they are listed as Desert Storm USMC.

Thanks for reading.

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