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Friday, October 14, 2011

Marching Armies

Well, given that I have been posting images of armies, here are a few more.  These are going with me to Fall In to sit on the table....

25mm (28mm) Battle Honors WWII Bersaglieri in European dress.  I like these guys, and through the years they have seen a fair share of campaigning.  The best thing about them is that in European uniforms, you can fight just about everyone else... Russians, Americans, British, Germans....  I typically mix the look of the uniforms, shades, colors of harness, which to my eye gives a better overall appearance than everyone exactly the same.  Included are a BH field gun team (which is not Bersaglieri), and a pair of Army Group North resin vehicles.  I still do not know why I chose to paint the Semovente in desert tan... maybe I thought of it as a vehicle that came back from North Africa...

25mm (28mm) West Wind Vietnam, VC and Americans.  I have a large number of Battle Honors Vietnam PAVN (NVA) and Americans which get on the table whenever I can.  When one of our club guys decided to sell these West Wind ones, I bought them up to run larger games.  At this time, I think I can go on with just my original Battle Honors stuff.  I use BH casualties, on a base painted red, for my suppression counters.

28mm Persians, mostly Foundry, with some Old Glory infantry and some Essex cavalry.  Years ago, we were gaming Chipco frequently, including for historical actions.  I was collecting a Carthaginian army and basing it for Chipco, and somewhere along the line traded a fellow gamer for a mound of Persian lead.  I painted these up very quickly, choosing bright alternating colors in large patterns over smaller, more detailed (but much harder to complete) patterns.  I think they turned out pretty well.  And at one time these guys saw a number of battles, managing to win more than they lost.
I used to have a Greek mercenary contingent, about 8 bases worth, but sold them several years ago.

These are all armies that need to march.  I have plenty of Vietnam stuff, plenty of WWII stuff, and no need for the Persians anymore (though gaming those ancients battles were a real blast).  I'd like to get back into 15mm Napoleonics, so I need to make room.


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