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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Horror: Psycho-Slashers on the Loose!


OK, I work on a lot of different things... sometimes I get held up on projects, sometimes I get things done.  Well, right now, I am doing both.  My "getting it done" project is a little Halloween game homage to slasher films of the late 1970's and 1980's.  Halloween, Friday the 13th... you know the stuff.  Cheesy, random stuff happening, high body counts, don't take a shower....

I am trying to tighten this up, getting it ready for a Halloween release as a short pdf game... Psycho-Slashers!!! The Game!!!

Here are some (blurry) images from my first play test.  I am using paper miniatures (hey, they are cheap, take almost no time to prep, and look the part).... with a mix of "real" terrain and some hand drawn "flat paper" terrain.  This game really likes interior rooms and walls (for various reason, you'll have to read the rules to find out), but that takes a lot of time to get together.  So, for the play tests at least, I am hand drawing paper building maps.

Here is the layout of Camp Iwannagohome in North Carolina....
We used "iconic" characters, which, due to lawsuits etc etc etc will not be an official part of the game.  I ended up with my ole pal Freddy, and my opponent took good ole Jason Vorhees.

Here is Freddy strolling casually towards a Pawn, mid game.
 Meanwhile, Jason mills around the woods, as the Pawns start to thin out....  its hard to see, but you might notice weapon chits scattered through out the board...
 "Hello sir, can you tell me where to find the....aaaRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!"
 Unfortunately, the Pawns do have some opportunity to fight back.  Jason, despite his menace, was finally put down by a burgeoning Heroine (who promptly retreated from the downed Jason).
 Jason was able to revive, only to be attacked again by the Heroine, with some assistance from another Pawn with a "Secret" about Jason.
 The secret holder fell to Jason... but the Heroine gained a Secret of her own, which she used to put Jason down yet again.  Don't forget about poor Freddy, he was chalking up points all over the place, but had taken 2 wounds so far... one from a burgeoning Heroine armed with a chainsaw, and the second from a befuddled Cop Pawn who stumbled onto the Camp Iwannagohome massacre.  Freddy collected both of them in time... and decided to stroll over to try and collect the final Pawn left on the board... the now quite powerful Heroine.
Unfortunately for poor old Fred, the Heroine was able to move away AND another Cop Pawn arrived, just in time to shoot Fred down.  Strangely, the two Slashers ended up downed within an inch of each other.  With all Slashers down, the game was over!
In one light, the Pawns won this one, with the last original Pawn, the Heroine, holding firm at the end of the "film".... with a little late arriving police help.  However, in game terms, Fred edged out Jason.  Not only did he collect 8 Pawns to Jason's 7, he scored more collection points with a better variety of weapons he claimed on the board.

This went very well, encouraging me to finish the game.  Fast, fun, a little campy, certainly bloody... I'd call this one a winner.

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