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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horror: Bloodbath at Camp Iwannagohome


Its the season for Halloween..... candy, horror movies, pumpkins, and pulling the covers over your head.

All of those Friday the 13th and Fear Fest marathons must be a bad influence, because I rounded up a coven of unsuspecting gamers for further adventures with my Slasher game.  Once again, we visited Camp Iwannagohome, evidently stumbling upon a reunion.  For an abandoned campground, the place was crawling with people.

I let each player/writer work up stats on their own Slasher, as did I... this was the largest game I have run so far, with 5 Slashers.

Here is a shot of the table not too far into the game (YES, I catch a lot of grief for the crude paper building maps, I really must work on some "real" terrain when I get the chance)...
Here, an inbred Deliverance type named Teddy prepares to fix himself a snack.

 Meanwhile, on the other side of the camp, a lone EMT began to develop heroic tendencies, being manipulated along by several writers... as he searched for weapons and relentlessly hounded poor Slasher Tim-Tim...
 Of course, when given the chance, this EMT was used against my Slasher, Slick, too..
 ... and again, developing him into a +5 tier Hero.  As a top level hero, he was bestowed a name (Frank) and a background (former military medic).  Way to go Frank!
 Teddy looked over, and decided that a trowel would make sure another hero didn't develop in his neck of the mutated woods...
 Tim-Tim effectively ran away from Frank, only to be swarmed by axe wielding un-maniacs (though he would survive this process, and collect Pawns)
 Teddy's kin (very close kin), Billy Bob Barnesworth the Third was romping to his cannibalistic delight, when, another hero began to develop against him.  Billy Bob was way ahead in the ratings, so a few of us other Slashers decided he needed to be taken down a notch or two....
 Yes!  Billy Bob was put down once and for all.... or was he?
 Unfortunately, the temptation was too great for our would be heroine, she just had to check to see if Billy Bob was dead.... he wasn't.  He revived, and promptly collected the poor heroine.
 Back on "Frank's Hill", Tim-Tim's father, Junior, attempted to collect Frank, unsuccessfully.
 At some point, it sank into Junior's head that Frank was a bit much for any of us....
 Deputy Fumble arrived on the scene, promptly spying a capering gibbering Billy Bob.  Deputy Fumble took aim and brought the hillbilly cannibal down with a shot from his revolver.

Unfortunately, he too could not resist the temptation to make sure Billy Bob was really dead... he wasn't.  The Deputy joined the others in Billy Bob's pantry.
At this point, my camera batteries died, but the game only ran a few more turns.  Billy Bob had surpassed us all, scoring 30 points from 10 Pawns... my Slasher, Slick, was a distant second, with 15 points for 8 Pawns.  The rest... better not to say.  Billy Bob, his freezer well stocked for the winter, retired from the field early, while the rest of us licked our wounds and began to wait for the sequel...
This was a blast.  It really captures the twisted plot of the slasher film genre, and allows for indirect manipulation of the OTHER player's games.  Of course, its not for everyone.  My players in this batch alternated between uncontrolled laughter, and hanging their heads in mock shame.
The new weapon tiles created by my good friend Doctor Merkury were AWESOME!  Really nice addition to the game.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with how my game has developed.  It delivers a real fun time, in an appropriately Halloween-ish manner.  Until next time, dear reader, keep the lights on....

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